Bio & Results

Name: Benjamin Duffus

D.O.B.: 03/07/1992

My passion is to totally engage myself physically, mentally and spiritually in all that I do. Mountains provide me with the perfect setting to surround myself with unspoilt beauty and also serve as a playground in which I can test my physical and mental limits.

As a child, I loved typical Australian team sports such as cricket and rugby. The swimming pool was where I first learnt the dedication, patience and strength required to succeed in endurance sports and life in general. It was not until high school that I discovered both the pain and pleasure that running can bring through pleasing results and painful injuries.

Once out of high-school, I followed my heart into the mountains and was blessed with the opportunity to fulfil my childhood dream of representing my country in the sporting arena and competed at the World Mountain Running Championships as a Junior in 2010 and 2011. While I was enthralled with the mountains in Europe, I could not help but wish to run further and hence in 2012 began running ultramarathons.

It is my dream to experience the most beautiful landscapes in the world and to share those experiences with others. Running serves as the ideal mechanism for me to be fully engrossed with my surroundings while still optimising my time spent by experiencing as much as possible, as quickly as possible.

As much as I enjoy pursuing my own dreams, it brings me even more satisfaction to help others reach their dreams. That’s why I joined the coaching team at Mile 27, and encourage anyone interested in fulfilling their running potential to contact me at

Photo courtesy of Timothée Nalet
Photo courtesy of Timothée Nalet



  • Hounslow Classic Skyrun (21km): 1st in 2:01
  • Chincogan Charge (6.5km): 1st in 29:11 (CR)
  • Nantaux VKM (2.3km): 3rd in 35:38 (AR)
  • Pomona King of the Mountain (4.5km): 2nd in 24:50
  • Bogong 2 Hotham (64km): 3rd in 7:34






  • Kokoda Challenge (96km): 2nd Business team in 13:48
  • Wildhorse Criterium (60km): 1st in 4:52


  • Washpool World Heritage Trail (25km): 1st in 1:56
  • World Mountain Running Championships: 45th Under 20 Male
  • Queensland Mountain Running Championships: 4th Under 20 Male
  • Australian Mountain Running Championships: 6th Under 20 Male
  • Pinnacles Classic (18km): 2nd in 1:22


  • World Mountain Running Championships: 53rd Under 20 Male
  • Queensland Mountain Running Championships: 1st Under 20 Male
  • Australian Mountain Running Championships: 2nd Under 20 Male

CR = Course record

AR =  Australian record

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