4 thoughts on “What I use

  1. Hi Ben,

    I’m a road marathoner transitioning to trails. I’m doing SCC 100km for the first time this year and have just bought some Hoka One One challengers. They feel a little lumpy on the trails (too much heel for a front foot striker), but I guess that might come in handy later in the race when form might deteriorate and I need to ‘bounce’. I certainly appreciate the lightness and grip. I’d be very grateful for your thoughts on shoes. I’m aiming for a sub-10 SCC on the basis that I’m a sub 3 hr marathoner, but let’s see. Really enjoyed your report, by the way. All best, Craig


    1. Hi Craig, I’m guessing if you’ve run a sub 3hr marathon then you’ve been running for (at least) a few years by now? If so, and these are your first pair of Hokas, then it sounds like you might just need to gradually incorporate the use of the Challengers into your training runs. For example, when I started running in Hokas I used them just on my easy days, and after doing this for a few weeks started using them on long runs as well (it was a while before I started running exclusively in them, although this was back when there was much less variety of Hokas). I think the Challengers would be a good shoe for SCC for the same reasons you listed (lightness and grip) and if you want to see more about the pros and cons of Hokas for ultras, Mile 27 has written a good article on the topic: http://www.mile27.com.au/hoka/
      Hope that helps, Ben


  2. Dear Ben, Sorry to take such a long time to acknowledge your very helpful reply! Thanks so much. Hopefully see you at the start line for SCC100. Hoping for sub-10..! All best, Craig


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