Training diary: 21st – 27th October

Monday 21st October: Rest

Tuesday 22nd October: W/U exercises + 60 min

20min of short hill reps on Chapel Hill Rd trail + 20min barefoot

Today’s speed session was much better (i.e., painful) than last week’s and I managed to get progressively quicker in each rep.

Wednesday 23rd October: W/U exercises + 60 min

Up Lookout bike track-down honeyeater track -return along same route + 20min barefoot

I actually pulled up quite well from yesterday’s hard session, so hopefully this means I’m getting use to running fast again.

Thursday 24th October: W/U exercises + 2 hours cycling

Easy spinning

Felt quite good today. I also handed in my last 4 assignments for the year, so it’s now just a few weeks of exam revision before I graduate (well, pseudo-graduate…I’ll be back next year for honours)!

Friday 25th October: W/U exercises + 60min

24min of hill reps, also with hard downhills on Lookout Rd trail + 20min barefoot

I’ve missed doing fast downhills! They’re so much fun, but I can tell that I’ll be a bit stiff tomorrow!

Saturday 26th October: W/U exercises + 90min

Up Lookout track – down/up Honeyeater track – down/up Chapel Hill Rd trail – down Reservoir track – up/down Under Construction Trail – turn around and return along same route + 20min barefoot

Well, as I expected I was a little bit stiff today but otherwise I felt good. This marked the official start of summer for me, since I saw my first snake of the season (though I’m pretty sure I’ve been hearing them scuttle next to me for weeks). Fortunately it was only a little one, so it was easy to hurdle over!

Sunday 27th October: W/U exercises + 75min

30 min of tempo running + 20min barefoot

I just rolled through today’s run. My legs didn’t seem to have a lot of zip but I also didn’t feel “bad”.


Only one week until the Kawerau King of the Mountain. I’ve been watching various youtube clips of the race and get more excited every time I watch one! I’ll admit to being a little unsure of how things will go, given my short preparation time, but at least I know that I’ll be in for a lot of fun regardless.

As always, my training program was created by Andy Dubois at Mile27 Personal Training.



One of the aforementioned videos (for those pressed for time, skip to 7.00!)

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