Training Diary: 14th to 20th October

Monday 14th October: Rest

Started running again over the weekend and I was surprised that I was only a little bit stiff today.

Tuesday 15th October: W/U exercises + 60 min

20min of short hill reps on Lookout trail + 20min barefoot

Today was about starting to really shake out the cobwebs with my first speed session and I felt like I couldn’t quite “get into the right gear.” During each rep I felt as though I couldn’t go any faster but certainly could go much further at the same pace. This is pretty normal coming back from a break so I’m not at all worried.

Wednesday 16th October: W/U exercises + 60 min

Up Lookout bike track-down honeyeater track -return along same route + 20min barefoot

Surprisingly I wasn’t stiff at all from speed work the day before. This probably confirms that I hadn’t pushed myself has hard as I would have liked.

Thursday 17th October: W/U exercises + 2 hours cycling

Easy spinning

Today was just a very easy day turning the legs over.

Friday 18th October: W/U exercises + 60min

25min of hill reps on Chapel Hill Rd trail + 20min barefoot

This was more like it! I was able to run much harder than on Tuesday was really feeling it by halfway through the session. I still managed to get quicker at the end, which was pleasing.

Saturday 19h October: W/U exercises + 2 hours

Up Lookout bike track – down Honeyeater track – up/down Under Construction trail – along Bellbird trail – turn around and return along same route + 20min barefoot

My quads were fairly stiff from yesterday; a fair indication I was working hard! I just rolled through the run to make sure I recovered from the day before.

Sunday 20th October: W/U exercises + 90min

Up Lookout track – down/up Honeyeater track – down/up Chapel Hill Rd trail – down Reservoir track – along Under Construction Trail – turn around and return along same route + 20min barefoot

I felt much better than yesterday, so hopefully this means my legs are re-adjusting to this whole “running” business!


After crossing the finish line of SSC it was another 3 weeks till I ran a single step. I am very pleased to say that this was purely by choice as I like to take a bit of down time each year and take a break from the rigors of training. While I was by no means sedentary during this time, as was doing a little bit of cross training every day, by the end I was certainly getting the itch to hit the trails again! This week was all about getting use to running again and trying to get in a little bit of speed work. With the Kawerau King of the Mountain (8km up and down Mt Edgecumbe in New Zealand) fast approaching on 2 November the next couple of weeks are going to be a crash course in running fast up/down hills.

As always, my training program was created by Andy Dubois at Mile27 Personal Training.


Not great resolution but Kawerau looks pretty exciting none the less!

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