Training diary: 7th to 13th June

Saturday 7th June: W/U exercises + 6 hours on Mt Warning + W/D exercises

This was my first long run since having minor surgery on my left knee the previous Saturday (just cleaning out dirt from a particularly bad fall!). I headed out to Mt Warning with the intention of running for 5 hours, but I was feeling so good that I extended it to six so that I could fit in three full creek-to-summit reps. Another encouraging sign that my knee has healed was that it was fine during the technical section at the top. I’ve also discovered that an extra benefit of Compressport R2 Calf sleeves is that they are great for keeping the dressing for my stiches in place!



Sunday 8th June: W/U exercises + 5 hours on Pollies including 60min uphill efforts + W/D exercises

I pulled up with a couple of tight spots from Saturday’s run but they all went away after the first up and down of Pollies. I forgot to drink enough in first half of the run so was feeling pretty tired by that point, but I quickly picked up after drinking a little bit extra and finished still feeling strong.


Monday 9th June: 90min cycling on Mt Coot-tha + Strength and Core exercises

Not too surprisingly, I had a couple of tight/sore muscles today but felt better after the workout.


Tuesday 10th June: W/U exercises + 90min on Mt Coot-tha including 40min tempo + W/D exercises

Despite still having a few tight spots leftover from the weekend, I felt great once I got going. The focus today was on the more runnable hills rather than steep ones.


Wednesday 11th June: W/U exercises + 90min on Mt Coot-tha including hard hiking reps + W/D exercises

All the tightness from the previous couple of days was gone thanks to a massage with Mark Smoothy the evening before. As a result I was feeling fantastic and finished still feeling pretty fresh. I also went to Allsports Physiotherapy in the evening for another general maintenance session.


Thursday 12th June: W/U exercises + 90min on Mt Coot-tha + W/D exercises

Just a nice and easy run today out on my local trails.


Friday 13th June: W/U exercises + 3hours on Mt Coot-tha including 77min hard up/downhill reps + W/D exercises

I was feeling especially good today and actually felt as though I got quicker as the run progressed. Really enjoyed the chance to get back into some fast downhill reps!



Total Time Running:  18hr30min

Total Time Cycling:  1hr 30min

Total Ascent:  14 063m (measured by Suunto Ambit2)


Other than the few days I had off due to my fall, everything has been going really well since the Buffalo Stampede, so I’m feeling very positive about my lead up to the 80km du Mont Blanc. This was a particularly good week and I was surprised at how good I was still feeling by the end of it. I suppose it’s a good sign that I’m not going into my taper overly tired. As always, my training program was created by Andy Dubois at Mile27 Personal Training.

3 thoughts on “Training diary: 7th to 13th June

  1. Hi Ben
    Just came across your site after recently getting into ultras. Amazing training! I am blown away with the time you spend running. And the intensity of it. Mind blowing.
    I noticed you always have warm up & warm down exercises listed and I think that these are really important but I don’t really have a good handle on what they should be and flirt with different ones, or more likely skip them. Can you share what you do for these routines? Do they change depending on training block?
    Thanks, good luck with the Mont Blanc, must be amazing.


    1. Thanks Tom! Mont Blanc and Chamonix are incredibly beautiful and I feel very lucky to be here! The warm up and warm down exercises I do a basically a series dynamic stretches, many of which you find in article’s on my coach’s blog
      Cheers, Ben


      1. Thanks Ben, I’ll check it out.
        And what an effort – looks like the training was right, and worth it. You smashed it! Great race. Look out world.


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