Training diary: 25th November – 1st December

Monday 11th November: Rest

Tuesday 12th November: W/U exercises + 90 min

Up Lookout bike track – down Honeyeater track – up Under Construction trail – along Bellbird trail – up/down Jacksonia Trail – turn around and return along same route + 20min barefoot

After two days of rest I felt back to normal, so seem to be over whatever it was affecting me last week.

Wednesday 13th November: W/U exercises + 1hr 55min

Along trail from Slaughter Falls car park to Powerful Owl trail – up Powerful Owl trail – along Eugenia Circuit – down/up Simpson Falls track – along Stringybark track – along Maculata track – down Paten Road track – around Kulgun Circuit – up Paten Road track – along Maculata track – along Stringy bark track – along Eugenia Circuit – down Kokoda track – along Under Construction trail – up Reservoir track – down Summit track

Scott Hawker from Perth was in town, so I was giving him a brief tour of some of the best Brisbane trails.  It was a great chance to catch up and run some of the local trails I hadn’t been on in a while. There seems to be a lot of track upgrading and a little of rerouting happening on Mt Coot-tha at the moment so some of it was new and novel for me as well!

Thursday 14th November: Strength exercises + 90min cycling

Easy spinning

Friday 15th November: W/U exercises + 90min

28.5min of uphill reps on Chapel Hill Rd trail + 20min barefoot

A repeat of last week’s failed session. Fortunately, this time around, things went much better so I was really feeling the lactic by the end!

Saturday 16th November 4hours

54min of tempo reps up Polly’s + Anticlockwise Polly’s loop

Ran the first 90min with Caine (who’s tapering for K2D), which included tempo reps up Polly’s. Durng the anticlockwise loop I managed to take an accidental detour after missing a turn (it was the first time I’ve run it by myself!) but luckily found my way back to the right track easily enough. The final accent of Polly’s actually felt the best but was still a bit slower than the first two.

Did I mention it was raining?!?!
Did I mention it was raining?!?!

Sunday 17th November: W/U exercises + 3hours

Up Lookout  track – down/up Chapel Hill Rd track – down Reservoir track  – up/down Under Construction trail –up Kokoda track – down Jacksonia Trail  – turn around and return along same route + 20min barefoot

My legs were definitely feeling all the hills from the prior two days but it was great to be doing more!

It was very reassuring to put in a good week of training after last week’s problems. Hopefully this means all I needed was a little bit of extra rest to recover from a big semester of uni work. I really enjoyed getting back into the longer runs, with my first 4hour run since Surf Coast Century and I’m looking forward to the build up to B2H!

As always, my training program was created by Andy Dubois at Mile27 Personal Training.

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