Training Diary: 26th August to 1st September

Monday 26th August: Strength and Core exercises + 60 min cycling

Easy spinning

Although I actually felt great this morning I still took it really easy to make sure I recovered from the big weekend of training. I had a bit of tightness in my hips but that most went away after the first set of exercises.

Tuesday 27th August: W/U exercises + 75 min

24min speed work on single track + 20min barefoot

Really fun session today. Without giving too much away, the way Andy had designed the session meant that it was good mental as well as physical training.

Wednesday 28th August: W/U exercises + 90 min

Up Lookout bike track-down Honeyeater track-along Under Construction trail -return along same route + 20min barefoot

I felt a little bit sluggish today which I would put down to insufficient sleep.

Thursday 29th August: Strength and Core exercises + 60 min cycling

Easy spinning

That bit of tightness I had on Monday seems to have lingered throughout the week. Would have liked to have a massage with Craig this week but had too much stuff on.

Friday 30th August: W/U exercises + 2 hours

60min of tempo on Lookout bike track and Lookout trail + up Lookout trail – down/up Chapel Road track – down Lookout trail + 20min barefoot

My glutes were a bit sore from plyometrics yesterday and my quads were a little bit heavy. Still had a good run and always enjoy the tempo runs.

Saturday 31st August: W/U exercises + 4 hours

Up Lookout track – down/up Honeyeater track – down/up Chapel Hill Rd trail – down Reservoir track – up/down Under Construction Trail – up Kokoda Track – down/up Jacksonia track – down Highwood Rd trail – down Moggil Rd trail – up/down powerlines – up Moggil Rd trail – return along same route + 20min barefoot

I went without food or water today and was pretty thirsty by the end; had to stop at a couple of taps along the way.

Sunday 1st September: W/U exercises + 3 hours

Progression run – Up Lookout bike track – down Honeyeater track – along Under Construction trail – along Bellbird trail – up Jacksonia track – along Eugenia circuit – down Simpson falls track – up part of Powerful Owl Track – return along same route + extra single track loop + return home + 10min barefoot

Increased the pace throughout the run and finished fast. Still felt strong at the end but probably would have bonked if I was out for any longer.

It was another good week to finish off a good month of training. I will be racing the 30km at GH100s next Saturday to fit in a run while still crewing for Dad, who is doing the 100 miler. As always, my training program was created by Andy Dubois at Mile27 personal training.

Running at GH100 last year
Running at GH100 last year

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