Training diary: 5th to 11th August

Monday 5th August: Strength and Core exercises + 60 min cycling

Repetitions of front side of Sir Samuel Griffith Drive

First time doing a new exercise during today’s workout and like always I felt a bit uncoordinated during this first attempt.

Tuesday 6th August: W/U exercises + 75 min

27min speed work on single track + 20min barefoot

Felt good today but I’m starting to really look forward to the sun rising earlier. I definitely notice that I slow down (unintentionally) when running in the dark, even when using my latest toy: an Ay-up headlamp.

Wednesday 7th August: W/U exercises + 90 min

Up Lookout bike track-down honeyeater track-along Bellbird trail -return along same route + 20min barefoot

Felt great and enjoyed the nice cruisey run today.

Thursday 8th August: Strength and Core exercises + 60 min cycling

Repetitions of front side of Sir Samuel Griffith Drive

Started off feeling a bit lethargic and as I rolled through the session I slowly picked up and actually felt pretty good by the end.

Friday 9th August: W/U exercises + 2 hours

20min of short hill reps on Lookout trail + 40min tempo on Lookout bike track and Honeyeater track + repetitions up/down Lookout trail + 20min barefoot

Haven’t done the short hill reps before and must have done the first few a little too conservatively as I was still feeling fresh at the end of the end of them. Gives me something to work on for next time!

Saturday 10th August: W/U exercises + 5 hours

Up Lookout track – down/up Honeyeater track – down/up Chapel Hill Rd trail – down Reservoir track – up Kokoda Track – down/up Jacksonia track – down Highwood Rd trail – down Moggil Rd trail – up/down powerlines – up Moggil Rd trail – up Highwood Rd trail – along Eugenia circuit – down/up Simpson falls track – along Stringybark Track – along Bardon Trail to reservoir – return along same route + 20min barefoot

It felt great to be putting in another long run on Mt Coot-tha. I didn’t push particularly hard but I felt really strong the whole way. Afterwards, I did a few run throughs in different shoes, while getting videoed by my Dad for gait analysis by Andy. Although I am of the opinion that how gear feels and how much fun it is to use is always the predominant factor in determining what to use, both Andy and I are a little nerdy (Who am I kidding? I’m very nerdy!) and enjoy having something a little more objective to base such decisions on.

Sunday 11th August: W/U exercises + 2.5 hours

Progressively getting faster throughout run – up Lookout bike track – down honeyeater track – up Jacksonia track – along Eugenia circuit – down Simpson falls track – up part of Powerful Owl Track – return along same route

I met up with Caine for today’s run as he prepares for the inaugural Alice Springs Ultra Marathon next weekend. Both Caine and I are fairly (overly?) competitive so I always seem to put in some of my best training runs when running with him.

So it was another good week of training and I am looking forward to seeing how I go running on a flat course at the Lake Manchester Trail run next Sunday. It should be a good tester before Surf Coast Century as the terrain at both races appears to be fairly similar (apart from the beach sections). I am Looking forward to seeing what Andy finds in those videos I took on Saturday and this is just another reason why I really enjoy having Andy as coach as he leaves no stone unturned in helping people get the most enjoyment out of their running.

Eugenia circuit  heading towards Simpson Falls
Eugenia circuit heading towards Simpson Falls

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