Training Update Jan 2013

Before I launch into the details of my recent day-to-day training, I would like to mention and thank my coach Andy DuBois. I have been working with Andy since mid-way through November last year and have already noticed considerable improvements in my fitness but more importantly, simultaneously overcome the many nagging niggles that I was carrying.

The last couple weeks have been relatively easy weeks training-wise to ensure a full recovery from the Hares and Hounds 55km trail run on Sunday 13th of January.

Hares and Hounds 1 (533x800)

Taking time out to pull a silly face during Hares and Hounds

My legs felt fine the day after race, so I was feeling very optimistic about returning to training. After taking the first 4 days after the race quiet easy, my legs were feeling fresh and ready for my training to progress from easy runs and bike rides. After a moderate hill/speed session on Friday followed by an easy 3 hour hilly run on Sunday and an easy 2 hour flat run on Sunday, I thought that I was fully recovered. My typical Monday training session is a strength and recovery session involving a series of various dynamic lunges and step-ups followed by a short and easy bike ride. This all went well, but when I woke up on Tuesday my legs felt like lead and after struggling through the first 30minutes of my run, I called it a day and took the next day off as well. Ultimately I think that the reason for my ‘dead’ legs was simply a combination of residual fatigue but also possibly low blood sugar levels given my ravenous hunger despite a lack of training over those two days. Whatever it was, it seemed to be fixed by Thursday for another strength and recovery session (like Monday), where I was feeling really good.

Friday was a hill session, involving several repeats up Mt Coot-tha (it was more of a tempo session involving going hard up and down the mountain multiple times then using a short, easy jog at the top as recovery before doing it all again for the next rep). Saturday bought Australia day and with it, the rain. It seems quite appropriate that my first long run recorded in this blog involved 4 hours on the side of a mountain running in mud. I find that there is something incredibly refreshing about running (even if it resembles swimming) in pouring rain  as I’m sure many other runners do as well (although I don’t think I’d enjoy it as much if I had to do it every day!). The rain also meant that I didn’t need to worry about getting too hot given I was only finishing my run around midday after attending a good friend’s 21st the night before.

Wet shoes

My shoes recovering after 4hours of playing in the mud

I am now feeling good again and ready to tackle a hard week of training before backing off a bit to freshen up for Mt Glorious 22km on 9th of February. This upcoming race is one of the several ‘B’ races I am using to test myself (the recently passed Hares and Hounds was another) in the lead up TNF100 in May and then the Kokoda Challenge in July.

Stay connected for more updates soon…..

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